California Advocacy helps UCLA empower Latina leadership.

California’s 2023 Budget now includes ongoing funding to sustain the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Institute’s growth and allow for the Initiative to transition to an official Institute at UCLA. California Advocacy’s team performed legislative advocacy services for the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Institute. As a result, the institute received $15 million in state funds for the Unseen Latinas Initiative for research, policy creation, and civic engagement.

What is the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Institute?

Founded in 2017, the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Institute addresses critical domestic policy challenges facing Latinos and other communities of color. The institute has championed Latina leadership and utilized the power of research, advocacy, mobilization, and leadership development to propel policy reforms that expand genuine opportunity for all Americans.

The UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Institute faculty and staff have been at the forefront of the Unseen Latinas Initiative by providing expert testimony in its two years of public hearings to identify problems and solutions. Through cross-sector research, a team of the institute’s female experts has been putting a data-driven lens into the educational, economic, and career barriers Latinas must overcome.

What is the Unseen Latinas Initiative?

Nearly 20% of all Californians are Latina or 1 in 5 people. The economic success of the entire state depends on prioritizing the success of Latinas. Latinas make less than their male and female counterparts, have never served in a statewide elected position in California, and remain underrepresented in corporate leadership positions.

The Unseen Latinas Initiative brings together educational and economic experts and Latinas working in a range of California industries to understand problems facing this population and eventually work toward intentional and targeted solutions. 

The program first began in October 2020. After months of extreme economic distress for Latinas in California caused by the pandemic, the California Latino Legislative Caucus launched a two-year Unseen Latinas Initiative to address these issues.

For more information, visit the following websites:

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