California Lobbying: 5 Reasons Why Your Organization Should Hire a Government Affairs Team

We’ve all seen the popular “I’m Just a Bill” Schoolhouse Rock cartoon and think we have a good idea of how a bill becomes law. Well, there’s more to it than you might think. At the heart of creating a new law is the idea of fixing something. But sometimes, a new law can have unintended consequences. 

Every professional organization, such as business associations, non-profits, or interest groups, should be able to create, stop or change legislative proposals before they become law. That’s what democracy is all about. National lobbying statistics show that organizations continue to invest in these services because it is a crucial component of any successful organization’s bottom line. In 2021, the total lobbying spending in the United States amounted to 3.73 billion U.S. dollars. This increases from the 3.53 billion U.S. dollars spent on lobbying in 2020.

That’s where Government affairs professionals come in. If you manage an organization in California, this article will discuss five reasons why California lobbying services are critical and why you should hire a government affairs team to look out for your interests and needs.

Reason #1: California Lobbying Professionals Understand the Political and Legislative Processes

Government advocacy is a year-round activity when legislators are both in and out of session. California lobbying professionals understand when legislative deadlines occur. The legislative cycle in California is a two-year marathon where 80 state assembly members and 40 state senators come up with new ideas and legislative proposals to make California a better place to work and live. Much of the off-session time is to research and to refine legislative goals. It’s also a great time to nurture relationships with elected officials and government agencies. Organizations in California will spend millions each year on lobbying and political campaign contributions to maintain the status quo or create new policies that benefit their interests. Many organizations will hire people, either in-house or consultants, to perform California lobbying services. Understanding the political and legislative processes will help your ability to give you the tools you need to make the impact you desire. 

Reason #2: California Lobbying Professionals Help Increase Your Organization’s Influence

Government affairs professionals will meet with elected officials, their staff, government agencies, and other stakeholders with the ultimate goal of fulfilling a client’s legislative needs. The constant give-and-take of negotiations creates California’s government policies through extensive input from community groups, business interests, and policy networks. Without a strong presence and legislative agenda in Sacramento, it isn’t easy to make your voice heard among policymakers. When your organization helps shape policy, however, your organization becomes a valuable resource for policymakers on other similar proposals. A dedicated government affairs team looking out for your interests will help your organization maintain essential professional relationships with policymakers and community stakeholders. In the long run, your organization will become much more influential among policymakers, increasing your chances of receiving favorable outcomes throughout the legislative process. 

Reason #3: California Lobbying Professionals Help Create New Laws that Support Your Cause/Service

Does your organization have a good idea of how to improve Californians’ lives? Anyone can communicate with their representatives and create a bill that can potentially become law. In reality, however, most bills fail to become law. When you hire a government affairs team to conduct California lobbying services, you have a better chance of creating viable legislation that can become law. California lobbying professionals build reputations among lawmakers and already have the networks and professional relationships to get your idea across to multiple policymakers. They can also provide consultation and advice as to whether a legislative idea will have a possible chance of getting through the legislative process.

Reason #4: California Lobbying Professionals Professionals Help Notify You and Take Action On Legislation that Would Hurt Your Organization

Thousands of legislative bills addressing various issues are proposed each year in Sacramento. The legislative cycle also has many parliamentary procedures, such as amendments and rules, that allow lawmakers to create new legislation with little notice to stakeholders and community groups. That’s where government affairs professionals providing California lobbying services come in. These professionals dedicate time and resources to legislative tracking services. From on-the-ground advocacy to bill identification and analysis to building relationships, government affairs professionals will help steer public policy conversation in favor of client interests by staying on top of new and amended legislation throughout the legislative process.

Reason #5: California Lobbying Professionals Get the Job Done, Faster!

When everything is said and done, California lobbying professionals get the job done faster than organizations that conduct their lobbying. Most California lobbyists are located in Sacramento, literally a few steps from the capitol. There are no guarantees that the lobbyist will be able to deliver an organization’s desired outcomes. But if they can, a good California lobbyist will usually accomplish it much sooner than you could have – and that’s an essential consideration if you’re dealing with a time-sensitive issue.


And that rounds up the top 5 reasons why California lobbying services should be obtained for a professional organization. If you manage an organization in California, this article discussed five reasons why California lobbying services are critical and why you should hire a government affairs team to look out for your interests and needs.

About California Advocacy LLC: California Advocacy LLC is a fast growing lobbying firm that provides solutions to problems throughout the legislative, budget, and regulatory processes by providing strategic lobbying services. California Advocacy is a lobbyist and public affairs firm based out of Sacramento that represents clients before the legislature, regulatory agencies, the executive branch, and local governments throughout California.

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