Legislative Advocacy

Comprehensive Legislative Advocacy Services

California Advocacy represents clients before the legislature, regulatory agencies, the executive branch, and local governments. We are a fast growing lobbying firm in California. We provide an integrated approach to our clients by combining legislative, regulatory, local government, and public relations. We always seek to achieve our clients’ goals. 

Our Legislative Advocacy Services Include:

State Lobbying Services

California Advocacy provides solutions to problems through the legislative and regulatory processes. Our team of experts engage community stakeholders and elected officials on regulatory and legislative affairs to create positive outcomes for our clients. We have the policy knowledge and political experience to develop a strategy to address a client’s needs. If legislation or regulation impacts your organization, we will fight to ensure that you are not negatively impacted. California state lawmakers introduce thousands of bills that impact different sectors. Our services include identifying, tracking, and engaging lawmakers on your behalf. We can work to stop, amend or pass legislation on your behalf.

State Budget Advocacy Lobbying and Procurement

California Advocacy gets results for clients with state budget advocacy lobbying and procurement services. We have had many successes for our clients through budgetary action. There are many different entities vying for state funding allocations. Our team understands that being extremely detailed and having an impactful strategy throughout the California budget process is very important in creating positive results.

Local Government Advocacy

California Advocacy can provide access to local government officials throughout California for local ordinances, procurement, and marketing purposes. Our team engages with local community stakeholders to drive initiatives focused on advancing the interests of our clients. We market and offer the opportunity for meaningful dialogue with key government program leaders and officials in local municipalities.

Why Choose California Advocacy?

California Advocacy is a fast growing lobbying firm in California. We have delivered billions of dollars in legislative and budget allocation victories for clients through effective budget advocacy lobbying. We understand the issues and will work closely with clients to achieve their goals and objectives. Legislative Advocacy services include:

California Advocacy represents clients before the legislature, regulatory agencies, the executive branch, and local governments.

California Advocacy’s team has acquired a vast network of professional relationships with local and state elected officials, their staffs, state agencies, and the Governor’s office. We can leverage these contacts for client needs.

California Advocacy provides legislative bill-tracking services and assists in developing and adopting a legislative strategy to support or oppose key legislation moving through the Legislature. 

California Advocacy will advocate client needs through letter writing to state lawmakers and committees and perform other legislative writing services as required.

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