Evelyn Pineda, MS

President & Founder, Legislative & Regulatory Advocate

Mrs. Evelyn Pineda is the President of California Advocacy LLC which is one of a few minority and women owned firms in California. Mrs. Pineda works on disability, healthcare and farmworker issues. Mrs. Pineda has ensured that individuals with disabilities do not lose their jobs at state agencies. Some of these individuals that continue to be employed went from being homeless to being homeowners. Mrs. Pineda has worked on farmworker issues and has secured over $20 million to weatherize farmworker housing.

Mrs. Pineda also worked on healthcare issues for children and farmworkers. She has worked to ensure children have access to healthcare.

Mrs. Pineda worked for the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services where she handled over 60 cases to ensure that children were protected and reunited with their loved ones when safe. She had to ensure that kids that were around troubled environments were placed in safe environments.

Mrs. Pineda received her B.A. from Cal Poly Pomona. She is also a graduate from the University of California (USC), receiving a Master of Science, Gerontology degree.

Mrs. Pineda is a cancer survivor and is a big supporter of healthy living.

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