Public Affairs

Comprehensive Public Affairs Services

California Advocacy leverages its experts in policy and politics to create impactful and comprehensive public affairs services that drive results. Whether your issue is local, or statewide, we craft custom messages and implement issue advocacy campaigns that raise awareness for your cause. We take an integrated approach to help build local or statewide coalitions and shape media coverage to develop a comprehensive, integrated public affairs solution to help you win.

Our Public Affairs Services Include:

California Advocacy LLC Provides Public Affairs Services. Team joining hands.

Communications Strategy

California Advocacy can help enhance existing marketing programs or create entirely new programs for clients. The end goal is to develop a positive reputation and expand awareness about a cause, product, or service. If you want to effectively communicate with customers in your market, you must know who they are. California Advocacy understands how to analyze and target demographics. We unpack data that can improve your marketing strategy by allowing you to communicate more effectively to key audiences. We help create targeted messaging, and then implement a strategic program to deliver those messages effectively to specific audiences.

Public Affairs Services | Digital Advocacy services available.

Digital Advocacy Services

Modern public affairs require a deep understanding of the importance of digital advocacy ads and tactics. Our team is proficient in digital marketing, videography, graphic design, and storytelling. We create content that users can share across multiple online platforms. Our public affairs advocacy ads services compliment any media strategy to ensure your message reaches the right audience based on geographic location, demographics, interests, and other factors.

Public Affairs Services | Traditional Media

Traditional Media Strategy

In addition to our complete online digital strategy services, our team is also an expert in traditional media strategies such as press release writing, opinion editorials, and printed advertisements. We know how to pitch the right reporters and editors with the proper storyline and generate local, statewide, national, and industry media coverage. We incorporate data methods to determine the best marketing and advertising strategies to get the most impact on ROI.

Why Choose California Advocacy?

We have expertise in public affairs strategy and perform the work in-house, reducing time constraints and cost factors and allowing for faster and better work output. Our communications services include:

We provide website solutions and can get your website up and running in no time. Websites can be used for association management, legislative advocacy, opposition or support to legislation, temporary events, etc. 

We have graphic design artists on the team who can get your requests fulfilled quickly and professionally. California Advocacy can design mailers, flyers, logos, and more.

California Advocacy can film and create compelling videos to be used for TV or digital marketing goals.

We can create compelling audio services for radio and digital ads and can edit and assist clients with their podcasting needs.

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