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Communications Strategy Services

Comprehensive Communications Strategy Services

California Advocacy can assist in improving current marketing initiatives or developing totally new initiatives for companies. The ultimate objective is to establish a solid reputation and raise awareness of a cause, good, or service. You must be aware of your market’s clients in order to communicate with them effectively. California Advocacy is skilled at demographic analysis and demographic targeting. We dissect information that can help you reach target audiences more successfully and hence enhance your marketing approach. In order to effectively transmit such messages to certain audiences, we assist in the creation of tailored messaging and the implementation of a strategic program.

Our Communication Strategy Services Include:

Media Relations

California Advocacy can help you navigate the process of working with media, assist you in communicating messages to achieve your organization's goals, and guarantee that those messages receive the greatest exposure possible

Crisis Communication

When a crisis arises, your public image must be properly and skillfully controlled. We collaborate closely with an organization's communications and legal teams to provide timely, dependable, and succinct statements to the key audiences, either in advance of or in response to high-profile crises. California Advocacy can assist you in handling your problem by doing an analysis, creating an action plan, and acting thoughtfully.

Community Outreach

We can assist you in creating and putting into action an effective community outreach strategy, regardless of whether your goal is to promote a position, win an election, get support from the general public, or generate grassroots support. California Advocacy aims to improve the quality of strategic communications on behalf of clients who wish to reach out to specific market segments or demographics in order to further their communications objectives.

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