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Traditional Media Strategy

Comprehensive Traditional Media Strategy

California Advocacy has expertise in traditional media strategies such as press release service requests and printed advertisements. We know how to pitch the right reporters and editors with the proper storyline and generate local, statewide, national, and industry media coverage. We incorporate data methods to determine the best marketing and advertising strategies to get the most impact on ROI.

Our Traditional Media Strategy Services Include:

Direct Mailer Advertising Services

California Advocacy can assist with your direct mailer advertising needs from design, printing, mailing lists, and mailing. Our marketing experts and in-house design team can establish an effective and proper design for mailers that promote your cause.

Newspaper/TV/Radio/Billboard Advertising

A creative advertisement can yield a desirable return on investment. California Advocacy can create compelling advertisements through traditional methods, such as print, television, and radio. These methods can be a powerful advertising choice, particularly for organizations interested in advertising their cause within a specific geographic location.

Press Release Service

California Advocacy specializes in press release service requests and distribution services. A press release service announces your news to the media and the general public in a format familiar to reporters. The goal is to get a reporter interested in writing about your announcement. California Advocacy can also write op-eds on your behalf to create a narrative that allows members of the public to understand your cause or service.

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