We help build better advocacy programs to make your cause heard.

California Advocacy LLC represents clients before the legislature, regulatory agencies, the executive branch and local governments. We provide an integrated approach to our clients by combining legislative, regulatory, local government and public relations. We always seek to achieve our clients’ goals. 

Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy

California Advocacy provides solutions to problems through the legislative and regulatory processes. Our team of experts engage community stakeholders and elected officials on regulatory and legislative affairs to create positive outcomes for our clients. We have the policy knowledge and political experience to develop a strategy to address a client’s needs. If legislation or regulation impacts your organization, we will fight to ensure that you are not negatively impacted.


California state lawmakers introduce thousands of bills that impact different sectors. Our services include identifying, tracking, and engaging lawmakers on your behalf. We can work to stop, amend or pass legislation on your behalf. 

State Budget Advocacy and Procurement

California Advocacy gets results for clients. We have had many successes for our clients through budgetary action. There are many different entities vying for state funding allocations. Our team understands that being extremely detailed and having an impactful strategy throughout the California budget process is very important in creating positive results.

California Advocacy Results:

  • For the past six years, our professionals have secured over $1 billion in State contracts and budget allocations.

  • We have helped secure technology contracts; some of these contracts worth $325 million.

  • In the past four years, we have successfully secured over $500 Million of Cap and Trade funding from the California Budget for our clients.

  • In the State Budget process, we have secured funding for more than 300 persons with disabilities to work at California State Agencies.

Community Outreach


California Advocacy can develop the right public outreach campaign for you that takes into consideration the unique demographics you are reaching. Our market research, brand strategy, and public outreach experts will define the right campaign that fits your needs.


California Advocacy provides community-to-community group services, providing impactful grassroots-styled services to organizations and political campaigns at the local state and federal levels. Our team can provide spanish speaking community engagement resource to obtain support for your cause. The components of a public outreach campaign vary and can include:


  • Face-to-face engagements with residents

  • Handout Printing and Distribution

  • Community Event Planning

  • Surveys

  • Advertisements

  • Newspaper Articles

Ballot Measure Campaigns


Effective direct mailers help cut through noise, capture attention, and compel voters to take action to a cause… your cause. 

California Advocacy’s team has extensive experience in designing, managing and implementing direct mail programs at the local, state and federal levels. Our team has worked on statewide ballot initiatives, local initiatives, candidate campaigns and non-profit communications. 


Our team can research and provide expertise to produce effective mail programs that target voters. We get to know you and your ideas. Using the best available data, we develop messaging that moves the right audiences and puts campaigns on the path to victory. We make every word count. Our team’s creative skills, in-depth analysis, industry expertise, and passion will help deliver big results for organizations like yours.

Our services include:

   • Copywriting
   • Research
   • Graphic Design
   • Direct Mail List Management
   • Printing and Delivery Management

Our work delivers an impactful message at kitchen tables within seconds using compelling visuals that jump off the page so that your cause receives the attention it deserves.

Media & Public Relations


An effective media and public relations team requires dynamism in multiple communication platforms. Our team at California Advocacy has a combined 50 years’ experience providing essential media and public relations services that have been featured at the local and national levels. Our services include a vast number of essential components for private and public sector clients on both traditional and new media platforms, which include:

  • Press release writing and distribution

  • Branding

  • Crisis communications

  • Internal/external communications

  • Social Media

  • Online marketing

  • Traditional marketing (newspaper, radio, billboards, etc.) 

Our services will ultimately provide your organization with invaluable access to the public and key community stakeholders.

Local Government Advocacy


California Advocacy can provide access to local government officials throughout California for local ordinances, procurement, and marketing purposes. Our team engages with local community stakeholders to drive initiatives focused on advancing the interests of our clients. We market and offer the opportunity for meaningful dialogue with key government program leaders and officials with local municipalities.

Our team has the policy knowledge and political experience to develop a strategy to address our client’s needs.